Yoshihiro Nakamura



"Holmesglen gave me the opportunity to learn about the real Australian work environment, but also I enjoyed studying in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere."

Erica Hsieh


"Melbourne is a fantastic place to live in. The people are all friendly and caring, and the multicultural aspect makes it a very diverse place to live and study in. I feel that every day in Melbourne is different, and some of my new friends that I’ve met here are truly fantastic."

Gail kampengele



"I would recommend anyone thinking of studying abroad to think of Australia and Holmesglen. Let’s face it, who doesn’t want Christmas in the sun!"

Renato Chagas Prieto



"I really enjoyed my time at Holmesglen. Firstly, because of the people I met, from all over the world and between some of us we developed a truthful lasting friendship."

Efrain Froilan Carasas Castillo



"The lecturers at Holmesglen are wonderful. They are friendly, approachable, supportive and willing to help. It’s such a great experience to be taught by people who are at the forefront of their filed."

Arriving in Australia

Congratulations! You have been accepted to study at Holmesglen Institute and have received the eCoE (Electronic Confirmation of Enrolment) which enables you to obtain your student visa
To ensure smooth travel to Australia, we have prepared a checklist to help you with your pre-departure preparations.
  • I have a passport with appropriate student visa or a visa which enables me to study in Australia
  • I have paid all outstanding tuition fees and any charges associated with my accommodation request to Holmesglen
  • I have organised my flight to arrive in Australia before the Orientation program commences
  • I have arranged accommodation through Holmesglen and received confirmation
  • I have informed Holmesglen International Centre of my arrival details
  • I have had a medical and dental check up
  • In addition to my Overseas Student Health Cover, I have taken out private health insurance for dental, physiotherapy and optical needs
  • I have checked with the Australian High Commission or Embassy to see if any medication I need is permitted entry into Australia
  • I have a credit card facility which I can use in Australia
  • I have arranged with the bank to obtain some Australian money just in case I need some upon my arrival in Australia
  • I have arranged with my parents that extra money be available for study books and living expenses
  • I have made sure that all electrical appliances that I am taking to Australia comply with the Australian 240 volt system
  • I have packed my international driver’s licence if I intend driving in Australia
  • I have packed clothes appropriate for all seasons, especially a thin jacket for summer and a warm jacket for winter
  • I have packed photos of family and friends, my favourite music and a special reminder of home
  • I have packed certified copies of my school/university transcripts and left the originals with my parents
  • I have packed any documentation I have received from Holmesglen as I may require this during Orientation
  • I have my passport and my ticket in hand
  • Finally, I have checked that my hand luggage and suitcase complies with the weight limit for international travel
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